Agent Clean Solutions Cleaning Product Supplier


Are you interested in becoming a distributor with Agent Clean Solutions? We offer a full suite of professional-grade exterior cleaning products. Fill out the application below if you’re interested in carrying Agent Clean Solutions product line.

Cleaning Product Supplier – Requirements


Becoming a distributor with Agent Clean Solutions is simple, with only a few requirements.

  1. Minimum first order is a pallet of product. A pallet consists of 36 items, with an item being defined as a 5 gallon bucket or a case of 4 single gallons of product.

Sample pallet:

  • 5 five gallon buckets of Agent Blue
  • 5 five gallon buckets of Agent Green
  • 5 five gallon buckets of Agent Halt
  • 5 five gallon buckets of Secret Agent
  • 4 cases (4 single gallon jugs) of Agent Blue
  • 4 cases of Agent Green
  • 4 cases of Agent Halt
  • 4 cases of Secret Agent

2. Territory distributor saturation will be at the discretion of Agent Clean Solutions. If we already have a vendor in your area, you may not be eligible to become a distributor with us.

3. Resale intent must be proved, either through franchising with a reputable supply company, or by other means. This includes but is not limited to: images/proof of a store front as well as sales contact information, and/or a resale website, catalog, or print materials proving that the product will be resold and is not for personal use.

4. Distributor must order a MINIMUM of one pallet per year to retain distribution rights. Additionally, product must be listed for sale on either a website, social media, or print materials such as a catalog.