Agent Clean Solutions Brings Sanitizer to Market

San-Q Sanitizer Effective Against COVID19

Coronavirus is the hot topic this month. With the onset of COVID19, Agent Clean Solutions is proud to announce the release of San-Q, a food-safe sanitizer confirmed effective against coronavirus by the CDC. 

San-Q is a quaternary ammonia proprietary solution, formulated to sanitize non-porous surfaces when used at concentrations of at least 200 parts per million (PPM). It is useful for kitchens, bathrooms, plastic and metal playground equipment, outdoor seating or furniture, shopping carts and more. Unlike sodium hypochlorite (SH), San-Q is non-corrosive at diluted levels, and does not need to be rinsed. 

Andrew Snyder, owner of Agent Clean Solutions, said, “San-Q is a useful product for sanitizing carts and surfaces where bleach is not as convenient. It requires no rinse, is food safe, and has been shown to be effective in sanitizing coronavirus.”

Here are the recommended ratios for San-Q to achieve 400 parts per million (PPM).

dilution ratios San-Q

Mix card for dilution ratios of San-Q


San-Q is a white-labeled product. You can match the registered EPA number to the list that the CDC has released of products that are shown to be efficient for use on coronavirus. Go to the CDC website and search for 10324-117. The listed product is Maquat 710-M, but it is the same product.

San-Q is available in limited quantities from the Power Wash Store. They are also taking back orders to be filled in the order they are received. 

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