Wash Tek Pro Joins Agent Clean Solutions Network

Distributor in Loganville, GA joins Agent Clean Network

Washtek Pro Gear

Agent Clean Solutions is excited to announce that WashTek Pro in Loganville, Georgia has joined the distribution network. WashTek offers power washing parts, supplies, chems, and accessories in Loganville. You can purchase product online and have it delivered or pick up locally. Visit www.washtekprogear.com or call at 470-375-7583.

Agent Clean Solutions offers high-quality detergents, surfactants, and degreasers for use in the exterior cleaning industry. Originally developed to provide optimal products for Agent Clean franchise, A leader in the cleaning industry, Agent Clean Solutions provides a product lineup useful for day-to-day soft washing, power washing, and window cleaning operations, as well as business and systems training at events around the country. For information regarding this release or our products, contact our office at (855) 927-4243 or email acs@agentclean.com.