San-Q is a food-safe quat, or quaternary ammonium sanitizer. It is registered with the EPA and confirmed to work against COVID19 coronavirus by the CDC. San-Q requires no rinse, and in a diluted state is non-corrosive. Best used as a contact sanitizer on non-porous surfaces such as playground equipment, tile, bathroom and kitchen surfaces, outdoor seating, and shopping carts.

EPA #10324-117


San-Q must be used at 200-400 parts per million (PPM) to be effective. We recommend 400 PPM for sanitizing purposes.

5 GPM X-Jet*: 7-8 oz per 5 gallon bucket

8-10 GPM X-Jet*: 10 oz per 5 gallon bucket

10:1 Downstreamer: 25 oz per 5 gallon bucket

Mix Batch: 25 oz per 50 gallon mix

Pro Tip: San-Q does not need to be rinsed. Use caution when applying San-Q. Do not use if it may contact bleach/sodium hypochlorite, as the mixture is toxic. 

Available in:

  • One gallon
  • Five gallon

*wide open x-jet, no proportioner tip

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