Camouflage Scent Cover

Camouflage Scent Cover

Offering a quality cleaning service encompasses more than just removing dirt, grease, and mold. Modern consumers appreciate a great service call experience from beginning to end. That means not leaving the jobsite smelling like bleach.

Since most soft washing is performed with a sodium hypochlorite (SH) solution, the odor released is of chlorine, like a pool. Customers often complain of the bleach smell if no steps are taken to cover the scent of chlorine.

Camouflage is a concentrated, high-quality scent cover designed to work perfectly with our line of soft washing products, and cover the smell of bleach with a pleasant floral scent. It is one of the few non-fruit scented products on the market. It is compatible with Agent Blue, Agent Green, and Secret Agent, as well as other popular surfactants.

Camouflage can be purchased from our distributors. Find a distributor near you.

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