Mix Ratios

Manufacturer recommended ratios for Agent Clean Solutions products. 
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Suggested Mix Recipes


- 2 oz Secret Agent
- 1 oz Agent Blue
Add both to your SH mix in a five gallon bucket. Use more or less Secret Agent for less foam and more foam, respectively.

*Use X-Jet in the "wide-open" configuration*

10:1 Downstream Injector
- 5 oz Secret Agent
- 2 to 3 oz Agent Blue
Add both to your 5 gallon mix bucket. 

This recipe is perfect for day-to-day soft wash operations on house siding. 


50 Gallon Mix Batch
- 16 oz Agent Green
- 16 oz Secret Agent
Add both to your SH mix in a 50 gallon tank. Scale based on tank size. 

Combine equal parts Agent Green and Secret Agent in your soap tank. Set the dial at 3-4.

This recipe is a powerful roof cleaning mix. Agent Green helps your SH work more efficiently and Secret Agent adds cling to slow runoff and retain the solution on the shingles.


Pre-mix Ground Force per instructions; disregard if using RTU mix. 

Use 16 oz per gallon in a pump sprayer. Fill rest with water. Use up to 30 oz per gallon depending on soil level. Caution, Ground Force is caustic. Use proper PPE. For use on concrete. 

Apply mix to concrete around dumpster pad. Deploy surface cleaner. Can be used with hot or cold water. 


Agent Blue can be used to remove oxidation on metal. Mix 10:1 water to Agent Blue. Apply using brush or spray bottle; agitate and let dwell for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse. 

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