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Camouflage | Scent Cover

This premier scent cover is the perfect option to mask the odor of chlorine in soft washing solutions. Add it to your house wash and roof wash mixes to mask the smell of bleach. Camouflage features a powerful floral scent that is a pleasant alternative to the “pool” smell that occurs after washing with sodium hypochlorite. Add it to your line up of Agent Clean Solutions products! Stable with alkaline, acid, and SH solutions.

This product is compatible with all other Agent Clean Solutions products.


1% SH Solution (house wash):

2 oz per 5 gallon*

10:1 Downstream:
4-6 oz per 5 gallon

4 oz per gallon of soap into soap tank

Mix Batch:
4-6 oz per 50 gallon mix batch

3% SH Solution (roof wash):

8 oz per gallon of soap into soap tank

Mix Batch:
8-12 per 50 gallon mix batch

Pro Tip: You can always add more scent cover; start with the recommended ratio and add more if you desire.

Available in:

One gallon jugs
*wide open x-jet, no proportioner tip

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