33-33-33 Pricing principle

07 July 2021 - 33-33-33 Principle

Developing a pricing structure that works for your business and creates growth potential is important for long-term enterprise.

soft wash plant protection

27 May 2021 - How to Protect Plants

Protecting customer plants while soft washing with bleach is an important aspect to maintaining service quality and customer retention. Here are a few tips to protect plants.

Build value in your service

20 May 2021 - Building Value

Providing exceptional quality is often the goal in any service industry, but how do you balance profits and revenue with customer satisfaction, price acceptance, and experience?

Logo image for Bullseye Cleaning Supply

06 May 2021 - Bullseye Cleaning Supply

Bullseye Cleaning Supply in Alvin, near Houston Texas, joins Agent Clean Solutions distribution network.

Logo for Washtek Pro Gear and Supply

05 May 2021 - WashTek Pro Gear

Agent Clean Solutions is excited to announce that Washtek Pro has joined the distribution network.

Logo for Window Magic Supply in Escondido

24 March 2021 - Window Magic Supply

Agent Clean Solutions is excited to announce the addition of Window Magic Supply to the distribution network.

Camouflage Scent Cover

07 January 2021 - Camouflage Scent Cover

Don’t leave the jobsite smelling like a swimming pool. Camouflage is a high quality, standalone scent cover for use with modern soft washing solutions.

Image for Cold Weather cleaning services blog

11 Nov 2020 - Cold Weather Services

It’s a good idea to shift focus to other services as the weather turns cold, to create residual income through the fall and winter. Here are a few of the more popular cold weather services…

Agent Green enhancer

02 Sept 2020 - Coping with Colder Weather

As summer shifts into fall, many contractors begin coping with declining temperatures. Since a majority of cleaning now is done with Sodium Hypochlorite, or SH for short, the drop in temperature corresponds to lower molecular activity in the SH…

Doormat Effect leadership

08 July 2020 - The Doormat Effect in Business

Fostering employees who exemplify your company’s values and standards may seem like a simple truth and common-sense goal, but as with much in the business world, the truth is rarely pure and never simple…

Manufacturer rebate for Agent Blue agent clean solutions

11 June 2020 - Rebate for Agent Blue Products

Agent Clean Solutions is offering manufacturer’s rebate on select Agent Blue degreaser products when purchased from recognized distributors…

Reach Higher Ground logo

29 April 2020 - Distributor Spotlight

RHG Products was born from a desire to offer incredibly reliable cleaning equipment backed by the best customer support in the industry. RHG Products was launched in 2006 by Shawn Gavin, owner of Reach Higher Ground. He brought innovating, quality water fed poles to the market…

22 April 2020 - Navigating COVID19 as a Contractor

COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus, is the talk of the town. Literally. Within only a few weeks, coronavirus has shut down major travel, business, and trade. Even though the cleaning industry is considered “essential,” contractors are experiencing a loss of business…

Shopping cart sanitation for COVID19

25 Mar 2020 - San-Q Sanitizer Released

Agent Clean Solutions is proud to announce the release of a food-safe sanitizer that is registered with the EPA and confirmed effective against COVID19 coronavirus. 

San-Q is available in limited quantities from the Power Wash Store…

05 Mar 2020 - 3rd Annual Meet'n'Greet

The 3rd Annual Meet’n’Greet hosted by Agent Clean Solutions and Power Wash Store of East Iowa is coming up on March 27 and 28 in Walcott, Iowa.

The event features free education from leaders in the industry. a dinner social, and hands-on demos. This is the third year…

Bozeman Distributors logo

05 Mar 2020 - Distributor Spotlight

Bozeman isn’t new to the cleaning industry. Founded in the 1960s, Bozeman’s humble beginnings were as a self-serve car wash equipment and portable pressure washer distributor.

Over the years, Bozeman experienced successful growth and expansion, and has since then moved into…