Part Numbers

AH-1 Gallon
AH-4 Case
AH-5 Five Gallon
AH-55 Fifty-Five Gallon
AHx-1 5X Gallon
AHx-4 5X Case
AHx-5 5X Five Gallon
AHx-55 5X 55 Gallon
AH-275 275 Gallon Tote

Agent Halt | SH Neutralizer

This high-quality salt and bleach neutralizer is ideal for rinsing bleach-washed surfaces to prevent damage to plants or external surfaces. Agent Halt is best used as a post-wash rinse on plants and windows, to neutralize bleach on roofs with no gutters or bad runoff, or to clean out hoses and equipment. Add it to your truck to have peace of mind when working with SH mixes.

Also available in our 5X concentrated formula. One gallon of 5X makes five gallons of standard Agent Halt.


Pre-rinse surface with water.

Neutralizing 1-2% SH

Pump Sprayer:
4 oz per gallon of water

8 oz per 5 gallon bucket.*

10:1 Downstream:
15-20 oz per 5 gallon

1-2 on dial

Neutralizing 3-4% SH

Pump Sprayer:
8-10 oz per gallon

16-20 oz per 5 gallon

10:1 Downstreamer:
30-40 oz per 5 gallon

3-4 on dial

To rinse: Rinse long enough to remove soap trace, then stop. Further rinsing will negate the effects of Agent Halt.

Pro tip: Agent Halt is effective at neutralizing bleach even after it has dried on. Use it after doing a building wash where the solution is sprayed over glass or windows. Rinse the windows with Agent Halt and water mix. Also can be used to rinse any cars affected by overspray, or to clean out any pumps and hoses after bleach use.

Available in:

One gallon
Five gallon
One gallon 5X
Five gallon 5X
55 Gallon drum
*wide open x-jet, no proportioner tip

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