Coping with Cold Weather

January 20, 2022

Extending Your Cleaning Season | Agent Clean Solutions

As summer shifts into fall, many contractors begin coping with declining temperatures. Since a majority of cleaning now is done with Sodium Hypochlorite, or SH for short, the drop in temperature corresponds to lower molecular activity in the SH, which means cleaning solutions work slower to achieve results.

There are a couple ways of dealing with the lower temperatures.

Hot Water

Since you can increase the activity in SH by increasing temperature, cleaning with hot water is one option to offset the decrease in activity. While hot water does bring the potency of the SH back up, hot water is hard on equipment and hoses, and increases fuel costs to run the burner. Since power washing hose is made using a steel mesh wrapped in rubber, the hoses can get hot enough to burn grass and plants.

Agent Green

Agent Green is a chlorine enhancer with penetrating properties that allows SH to work more efficiently on the molecular level. By working as a very compatible "vehicle" for the SH, Agent Green effectively offsets the decrease in activity caused by the lower temperatures. It is a very popular product in the Midwest and other areas where the cooler weather would cut cleaning season short.

Agent Green is SH stable, and can be mixed with a foaming agent or surfactant to aid in dwell time. We recommend mixing 50/50 of Agent Green and Secret Agent, our high-quality foaming agent, to make a potent roof cleaning mixture.

Agent Green is a high-quality chlorine enhancer, surfactant, and mild scent cover. It is an ideal soap additive for soft washing mixes, and can be used for both house siding and roofs. Designed with practicality and efficiency in mind, this product reinforces bleach washes, aiding in cleaning power and effectiveness. 

Also available in 5X Formula! One gallon of Agent Green 5X makes five gallons of standard Agent Green solution.


HOUSE WASH: Agent Green Only

2-3 oz per 5 gallon*

10:1 Downstream:
7-10 oz per 5 gallon

Mix Batch:
7-10 oz per 50 gallon

2 on dial

Agent Green can be mixed with Secret Agent and/or Agent Blue for a potent house wash mix.

HOUSE WASH: Cocktail

X-Jet 5 Gallon:
2 oz Agent Green
2 oz Agent Blue
1 oz Secret Agent

Downstreamer 10:1 5 Gallon:
3 oz Agent Green
3 oz Agent Blue
2 oz Secret Agent


Mix Batch:
16 oz per 25 gallon mix

3-4 on dial depending on stain level

For cold weather, add to any SH mix to boost cleaning efficiency. For a potent roof wash, use 50/50 Secret Agent and Agent Green.

Pro Tip: Use Agent Green to boost the effectiveness of your Sodium Hypochlorite. Can be used in low temperatures or warmer temperatures to help SH work more efficiently. 

Available in:

One gallon
Five gallon
One gallon 5X
Five gallon 5X
55 Gallon drum

*wide open x-jet, no proportioner tip

Agent Clean Solutions offers high-quality detergents, surfactants, and degreasers for use in the exterior cleaning industry. Originally developed to provide optimal products for Agent Clean franchise, A leader in the cleaning industry, Agent Clean Solutions provides a product lineup useful for day-to-day soft washing, power washing, and window cleaning operations, as well as business and systems training at events around the country. 

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